In setting up the "In Memory Page," names of deceased classmates were added only after the death was confirmed through death notices or fellow classmates reporting.  If there are errors or omissions, please contact a member of the Reunion Planning Committee.    
By Year Deceased Alphabetically

Lori Anderson (Deceased 2013)
Allan Bennett (Deceased 2004)
Laurie Christenson (Deceased 2003)
Jon-Mike Conway (Deceased Year Unknown)
Scott Curry (Deceased 2004)
Kirk Ehrlich (Deceased 2020)
Gary Elias (Deceased Year Unknown)
Verle Finke (Deceased 2020)
Denise Franks (Deceased 2009)
Dick Gunn (Deceased Year Unknown)
John Hachiya (Deceased 1996)
Kim Hamilton (Hamilton) (Deceased 2020)
Sherry Harvey (Niederhaus) (Deceased 2022)
Lonnie Hutcheson (Deceased 2003)
Norman Jackman (Deceased 2018)
Doyle Johnson (Deceased 2007)
Thomas Kovanda (Deceased 2017)
J. Cameron Loerch (Deceased 2017)
Karen McCandless (Cook) (Deceased 2019)
Randall Miller (Deceased 2010)
Scott Nolan (Deceased Year Unknown)
Kathy Palu (Deceased Year Unknown)
Dave Paulsen (Deceased Year Unknown)
Lance Powell (Deceased Year Unknown)
Carl (Rick) Samuelson (Deceased Year Unknown)
Robert Schumacher (Deceased 2012)
Randall Scott (Deceased 2003)
Stephanie Scott (Emery) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Jeff Sulc (Deceased 2011)
Robert Thallas (Deceased 2011)
Jane Turner (Agee) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Ted Vergith (Deceased 2021)
Richard Worick (Deceased Year Unknown)

If you are aware of a Classmate who should be added to this page please let us know.